Tiptree Investments works with companies in the environmental technology sector, investing its capital, while helping management and shareholders grow the business. Tiptree's role is that of a traditional merchant bank, allying its interests with our partners, and receiving our return from the enhanced value achieved on account of our contacts, experience and expertise. We fund transactions by investing as a principal and by bringing in other investors.

We have been actively involved with environmental technologies since 1997. We have financed a range of renewable energy technologies, early stage companies and projects in Europe, North America, China and Africa, as well as clean tech businesses in the water, recycling and pollution control space.

We typically work with rapidly growing companies that are looking for several rounds of institutional investment and we have particular expertise in AIM flotations and helping build out a shareholder base. We work with a limited number of clients at any one time and are looking for one or two environmental technology ventures that require support in developing their business plan, corporate strategy, management systems, market analysis and funding strategies. We also support management during the funding process and take on many of the time consuming and onerous tasks this involves, in order to allow the company's management to concentrate on the most important job - building business.

Tiptree Investments