London Accord

Today's social and environmental issues are tomorrow's key investment drivers. The financial services industry must develop better ways of engaging with society on long-term issues. A good example of how rapidly 'fringe' issues become core to investment is climate change and the carbon markets. The financial services industry has been at the forefront of research on the subject for some time, yet largely absent from the public climate change debate. The London Accord seeks to make this information 'open-source' and bring it to a wider audience. Mark Thompson's report on renewable energy can be found here.

FTSE Environmental Technology Indices

FTSE Group runs the FTSE Environmental Technology Index Series to provide two environmental technology index solutions: the FTSE ET50 Index and FTSE Environmental Opportunities All-Share Index. These were developed under the direction of the independent FTSE Environmental Technology Committee and provide investors with a robust set of responsible investment tools.

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