What we do

Tiptree's Modus Operandi

Tiptree Investments preferred deal size is in excess of 10m. Tiptree acts as a principal, not as an advisor. Tiptree receives an equity stake, directly related to shareholder value and does not require an executive role in managing the company but will normally seek a non-executive board position to represent its own interests.

Providing a listing

Where appropriate for the company, and required by the shareholders, Tiptree Investments will normally appoint one of its executives as a non-executive director to the board of the company. The executive will use their expertise to arrange either a full listing on the London Stock Exchange or on the Alternative Investment Market. This can provide a full or partial exit to shareholders, or expansion and working capital.

Tiptree Investments will ensure that appropriate professional advisers are appointed and will negotiate competitive terms with them. Tiptree normally receives an equity stake in the company directly relating to value received by the shareholders.

Shell company and reverse takeovers

We work with a number of shell company providers for the UK and US markets. These can accelerate routes to market and often provide cash within the shell. Using a listing with a reverse takeover which offers the following advantages:

Existing company shells have been used in transactions, although our preferred route is to invest in companies that use a newly created public company shell that has not traded and therefore has no skeletons, or any premium attached, nor has incumbent management with whom to negotiate.